Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome! Do you prefer a bold or mild brew?


My name is Steve. I am currently an enterpise Java developer in a high volume transaction processing oriented domain. We do a lot of 'batch' workloads, and so my day is filled with lots of interesting challenges. I hope to catalogue some of these challenges here, and if I'm lucky, some more learned individuals on the internets will contribute. My current interests are:

  • High volume, batch oriented, mixed workloads and how such workloads scale using traditional (DBMS) and non-traditional (grid, extreme transaction processing) architectures.

  • Database technology, specifically implementation with regards to concurrency

  • Distributed computing including caching and data grids, computing grids, partitioning approaches, etc.

  • Problem solving, cognitive calisthenics, intelligence and learning. Obviously, these are very important topics in Computer Science. I am interested in these primarily in how they relate to developer productivity, but also am interested in them in the AI domain.

  • Economics of software engineering. This includes SDLC processes, but currently focused on how teams and processes scale given specialization, project size, etc.

I feel like I am not doing a good job describing my interests. :-( I, like most, have a lot of them!

I know that this is just a metaphorical 'drop in the bucket' of technology blogs, but I am going to try to blog about things that I haven't seen on other blogs. This is spurious from the start, because obviously, I have only read a tiny subset of existing blogs... but I'll give it a go, none the less.

Upcoming topics (these first are very database centric):

- SQL Server deadlock hell (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the lock)
- Fragmentation, Batch Inserts, and Primary Keys...oh my!